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Spring Break 2020


                        Sunday Oasis Youth Meeting




                                            Our mission:

“Coming together for the common purpose of sharing and   acquiring knowledge within their communities about life skills, education, leadership and diversity in a safe and

controlled environment."

Come and join us at our Youth Meetings every Sunday 4 p.m. at Oasis International 

Benefits Include:

  • Spring Break Activities

  • Youth Fundraisers

  •  Youth Parties

  • Youth Cultural Activities

  • Collaboration with other Youth Group

  • Presentations on Topics of Interest

  • Scholarships for College



Census 2020

They won’t count us.
Until we do.
Do the Census

1. The pandemic has obliterated all our plans.
2. Social justice awakening has changed the tone of the conversations happening now.
3. We are in 29th place. Not good enough.

  Now more than ever, we should all respond to the Census online, by phone, or by mail. Responses are kept confidential, and it’s easy to respond in 12 non-English languages. The Census count directs federal funding for the next ten years to our community. Visit www.2020census.gov

Census data is used to extend billions of dollars

in funding for hospitals, school lunch programs,

Medicaid and resources that are needed every

year, especially in uncertain times like now. Make

sure, everyone in your home is counted! FEDERAL



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